tools directory


The following compilation of tools and approaches has been put together for the Trust by Involve, an NGO specialising in public participation, through a mixture of crowdsourcing and sifting through existing online databases.

Name Online
Ushahidi Crowdmapping Platform True
Wikis for Lawmaking True
Study Groups True
Social Audits True
Scenario Workshops True
Public Forums True
Public Conversations Project Dialogue True
PopUp Democracy True
Planning Cells True
Participatory Card Games True
Participatory Budgeting True
Online Consensus Decision making True
Mystery Shopping True
Forum Theatre True
Digital Fact Checking Platforms True
Deliberative Polling True True
Deliberative Mapping True True
Crowd Wise True True
Consensus Conference True
Community Led Procurement True
Community visioning True
Citizen Science True True
Citizen Reporting True
Citizen Report Cards True True
Citizen Juries True True
Citizen Assemblies True True
Argument Mapping True
Alternative Budget Initiatives True
21st Century Town Meetings True True